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Feature request for Xojo: plugin segmentation

Mar 07 '17 at 10:30

I work in Xojo with a lot of plugins: a few Einhugur, Valentina, MBS and Chilkat. Xojo has a maximum number of functions that can be registered for plugins. A few days ago I ran again into this limit. This makes a nice hard crash in Xojo. I was really very lucky that they had already changed this for an upcoming version.

Therefore my feature request: please think about segmenting your plugin into multiple plugins. At the moment it's not urgent - just something to think about in the future.

Accepted Answer

Thanks Beatrix,

Actually, a long time ago the Chilkat ActiveX was this way. Breaking it into multiple plugins introduces other significant problems -- namely dependencies and version mismatches. A single DLL is actually the best solution. :)


Thanks for the info! That's really a pity. I have to work with the latest alpha because I ran into the plugin calls limit - and got a nice rap on the knuckles for doing so.

With the Monkeybreadsoft plugins this type of segmenting has worked very well in the last years. But YMMV.