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UnlockBundle / UnlockComponent

May 08 '17 at 02:26


what is the difference between

UnlockComponent --> zip.UnlockComponent

UnlockBundle --> chilkatGlob.UnlockBundle

Is this a different license? How can I upgrade?

Accepted Answer

I read this in the docs for CkGlobal...

Note: The CkGlobal's UnlockComponent UnlockBundle method should
only be called with a Bundle unlock code.
If an individual product license was purchased, the UnlockComponent
 method in the specifically licensed class should be called instead.
The correction above is made by me. So if you purchased the bundle (all components) you have 1 code you should use with CkGlobal. If you purchased only one component (for example, you bought only Zip) the code can not be used with CkGlobal but must be used with the Zip component itself.

Upgrades/License renewal is explained here:


Thanks, but

I have a Chilkat 1-Developer Bundle licens with 20 different Unlock-Codes. (Feb 2009)

Now, I have used the Unlock-Code from the Chilkat Mail and got the error messages:

product: ChilkatBundle The unlock code is a valid one, but for the wrong product. For a 30-day trial, pass a string such as "Hello World" to UnlockComponent.


The bundle-codes were introduced 1 or 2 years ago. You can not use a specific component-code to unlock a bundle. You should contact but first read



I have send a eMail to