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Unlocking the component failing with my Unlock code

Oct 16 '12 at 10:51

I am starting to use some of your libraries and I am putting the code I received over email into the Unlock Component. I am using Microsoft VC++ v9. The other developer using your stuff is VB and he had no problem. We bought a 4 developer license. Please advise. Thanks!


Just a wild guess, but are you perhaps using the unlock code for "CkZip" when you try to unlock "CkFTP"? Each library needs a different unlock code.


For help with UnlockComponent, see the UnlockComponent category of the Chilkat blog here:

Also, the online reference documentation provides a key to map each class/object to the unlock code (i.e. Chilkat product) that should be used. For example, see: You'll see that the "Chilkat Zip" unlock code will unlock these classes: Bz2, Gzip, UnixCompress, ZipEntry, and Zip.