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Rest.RedirectUrl() not working

May 16 '17 at 17:07


I'm currently using the pre-release provided in:

I have the following problem:

rest.ResponseStatusCode = 302
rest.RedirectUrl() = null

The header sent by the server contains:

Location: //

Guess Chilkat can't handle URL's in the header starting with // Could you please confirm this problem, and provide me with a new release? My test-project currently keeps hanging on this (it wants to redirect, but it cant find the URL)

Best regards, Timu

Accepted Answer

Try these new builds:


Thanks. I believe I have a fix for it, but you'll have to test. I'll send a new build tomorrow..


Please try this new build:

(This is the .NET 4.6 build for VS2015. I think that's what you needed?)


While we are on this topic....

Location: /abcdefgh/

Does not work... Same behaviour ar origional post.


I'll have a fix later today. Sorry for the delay.. :)