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chilkat custom file extension aka .eml[1]

May 23 '17 at 08:31

So i am doing some tests with this product. It basically forwards attachments, based on criteria i have predefined, to a custom email address. If i look in the email, i can see the files are their, but i noticed that the darn product is setting the extention to .eml[1] and not .eml

I have addressed this with the vendor of the product but they seem to have more importants things to do then to address then respecting file extensions etc. So i was wondering if it is possible to modify chilkat in a way where it would see these files as a regular .eml file...or maybe even define the file as a valid eml format.

I simply want my chilkat client to check for new files every minut, take note of certain properties of the file/mail and delete it from the inbox.

All the best!


The file extension makes no difference to Chilkat. The customary file extension for a file containing an email in MIME format is ".eml". When you call email.LoadEml, as long as the file contains an email in MIME format, the filename and extension don't matter. (A file extension is generally a means for allowing a system to choose a default program to open the file.)