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cUrl --cacert functionality OR how to set CA Certificate to use?

May 25 '17 at 07:30


We are effecting this functionality using the Chilkat HTTP object in Classic ASP.

curl -S -s --cacert GeoTrust Primary CA.pem -X POST -F "type=xml" -F "token=aGEMQB9Idh35fxxxxxxxxxxxxxQwyG1Q" -F "file=@C:davka.xml"> result.xml 2>errorlog.txt type errorlog.txt

All the fields and file attachments are fine, the area we are struggling with is --cacert. We have installed the certificate locally on the server but we're still getting SSL connection issues and wonder if it's not being picked up during the SSL conversation.

I can see that you can set client-side certificates, but can you set a certificate authority?

Many thanks in advance.



I think this is it...

So cool and so much documentation!