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Running server using your library, Any issues?

May 29 '17 at 22:59

I plan to running an unreal engine in AWS instance. It will use your library for sending emails. I am concern about security issues. Normal you lock down all ports by default except for ssh and even then it is based to only open them up to second machine you remote login into for ssh PEM key and connect from there to the machine but your libraries make http request to validate your keys on the web. What ports would I have to allow out to make sure your key validation is secure and can it be hacked to access to the machine?



I'm a bit confused. You said that you're using Chilkat for sending emails. If that's the case, then it seems Chilkat isn't involved in anything else (such as SSH). If Chilkat is only involved with sending emails, then your email communications are outgoing. For example, maybe you need to connect to some SMTP server's port 465. Then outgoing port 465 must be open, but incoming port 465 can still be blocked.


I am talk about your license validation:

CkMailMan mailman;

//  Any string argument automatically begins the 30-day trial.
bool success = mailman.UnlockComponent("{my license key information}");

What ports does mailman.UnlockComponent use? 80? What is the host ip? Is it always the same or does it change? Besides SMTP server on port 465, what addresses and ports does you UnlockComponent protcol use? So for it is working great for my prototype, I want to make sure when I get it working in AWS it still will work. I using your library in a Unreal Engine Plugin for my backend for game I am building. I use for emails to end user, like two-phase registration validation.