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TAR archive question

Oct 16 '12 at 16:43

I’m interested in getting your Bundle, specifically for the TAR feature. After looking at your on-line documentation, I have two questions.

1) If I want to TAR up the sub-directory in a directory (i.e. relative to), how would I do that? For example, using the UNIX tar command, I would cd /home and tar up "user1" sub-directory by typing tar –cvf /tmp/myuser.tar user1

2) Will your tar follow UNIX links?


The solution is to set the Tar.DirPrefix property equal to "user1".

The DirPrefix is a prefix to be added to each file's path within the TAR archive as it is being created. For example, if the property is set to the string "subdir1", then "subdir1/" will be prepended to each file's path within the TAR.

You would call AddDirRoot("/home/user1"), and this will tar up the user1 directory tree. Setting the DirPrefix equal to "user1" will make it equivalent to the tar command you mentioned.

It will follow symbolic links for files, but not directories.