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chilkatftp2 version 2.6.11 no longer connecting - 201 error

Jun 04 '17 at 10:48

We purchased a chilkat license in 2011 to embed a chilkatftp2 object in a VB6 program that would launch automatically each night at client sites and connect via ftp(s) to billing clearinghouses to upload claims and download reports. It worked fine all this time until a couple weeks ago when one of the clearinghouses changed upgraded their own ftp client. Now the vb6 app will not connect, and the error code the chilkatftp2 dll generates is 201, which according to documentation on the chilkat site has to do with ssl authorization.

I tried using a filezilla inteface to connect to that site, and it did so. The problem seems to be the chilkatftp2 ssl capability in our purchased version (2.6.11) is now out of date. We would like to keeo using our script, and the embedded chilkat reference, and would be happy to purchase what is needed.

My question is: is there a newer version of chilkatftp2 we can use/purchase, or a substitute? Our current vb6 code follows (again, it worked for years). Thanks - Matt

Private oFtp As New ChilkatFtp2

oFtp.HostName =

oFtp.Username = UserNameyy

oFtp.Password = Pwordzz

oFtp.Passive = 1

oFtp.AuthTls = 1

success = oFtp.Connect

If success = 0 Then error = oFtp.ConnectFailReason 'error now is 201


Well all right! That seemed to work - it compiled and seemed to connect to the clearinghouse when I ran it. I'll have to run it "live" to make sure the puts and gets run ok, but it looks like its cured!

If so, we'll purchase the new license asap. Thanks much for your help - Matt


You can purchase a license for the latest version of Chilkat's products here:

Buy Chilkat Product Licenses

If all you need is FTP2 for a single developer, make sure to select that option from the drop down list. If you think you might need any other Chilkat products, I highly recommend the bundle, it's a fantastic deal (I'm not affiliated with Chilkat, just a happy customer).

Make sure you read the license terms, I believe they've changed since 2011.


Hi jpbro - I did not see FTP2 in the download links, I was going to try it and make sure it worked. The closest I saw was the Active X product, which I did download but the dll the install generates is incompatible with VB6 (won't compile even when registered).

I need to make sure the FTP2 product you link to generates the ChilkatFtp2.dll, which is what is already in our VB6 app. If that is the case, I assume we'd just have to update the "unlockme" key with the new license.

Can you or someone else verify that if we purchase the current FTP2 product that it will make an updated Chilkat.Ftp2 dll available for use?

Thanks -Matt


Hi Matt,

Unfortunately there is not a separate FTP2 package anymore - sometime back all of the separate DLLs were merged into a single monolithic DLL. You can however get a license for individual components of the ActiveX DLL (e.g. just the FTP component).

My understanding is that this change makes it easier for Chilkat to develop and deploy, since a lot of individual components have shared dependency components. The upshot of this is that you will need to make some modifications to your source code to use the new DLL, but most of the API is the same so you might get lucky and just have to update the references and object variable types.

The multi-component DLL is compatible with VB6 - that's my primary development environment so I can assure you of that.

The one you are looking for is available here: Chilkat ActiveX 32-Bit MSI


jpbro - yes, that's the one I downloaded previously. The install creates the dll ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32. I put that in the application folder (same place as ChilkatFtp2 dll) and then registered the component in the vb6 dev window (chkbox).

Then, I instantiated the object in the code. Here is the code, you can see the old ChilkatFtp2 object right above:

'Private oFtp As New ChilkatFtp2

Private oFtp As New ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32

However, the project will not compile. It does not like the syntax of "ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32", and gets a "Expected: - End of Statement" compile error with the debugging cursor landing squarely on the first dash ("-") of the ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32 text.

I'm glad you are familiar with using this in VB6 - any advice?

Thanks - Matt


Try this declaration instead:

Private oFtp As New Chilkat_v9_5_0.ChilkatFtp2

That should be the correct name for the object. VB6 only supports Alphanumeric and underscore characters in object names and identifiers (and they must start with an alphabetic character).