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GetMailboxInfoXml() different size to what service provider says

Jun 11 '17 at 11:47

Hi Guys...,

I've just moved a customers emails from a different host to my hosting provider... I knew they had a lot of emails in one email account so I thought I would do some experimenting...

I used GetMailboxInfoXml() and it reported back 6.9GB of emails, but when I logged into my hosts webmail it said they had 11gb of emails...

I checked the number of messages on the old host and the new host and the number of messages and folders were the same. I also checked the GetMailboxInfoXml() on the old host and it came back with a very similar figure to 6.9GB.

Any ideas why there could be this much discrepancy with what my provider is reporting back as space used and what the GetMailboxInfoXml() is reporting back as space used?



Accepted Answer

Never mind... I was comparing apples and oranges.

The GetMailboxInfoXml() is for pop3... and doesn't include sub folders.

You live and learn.

Hope this helps someone else thought.