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some extensions to CkTar ?

Jun 13 '17 at 12:56


Just wondering... do you plan to extend the functionality of the CkTar module? PHP being what it is, there's not a lot of options except to exec() which is problematic.

I was looking to see if we could use CkTar, but it seems a little limited for anything beyond basic: here's a directory, tar it.

What would be nice to see is: - addFile() - if this would retain the the full path within the tar as what was given to it originally. Unless it's a bug. if I do: addFile( 'path/to/file.ext' ) then the content of the tar when written just contains "file.ext" without the path.

basically providing the ability to add a file from the filesystem and at the same time specify the path that would be stored within the Tar would be fantastic.

File lists. For example, I might have a directory from which I want to add files to a tar. I want to keep all the relative paths in that directory, but I don't want to add all the files. I can achieve this in gnu by providing a dir and a list of relative file paths in that dir.

This would again all be covered by something like addFile( path_to_file, path_to_file_in_tar );

Any extensions to CkTar to assist with more than just adding whole directory routes would be great.


Accepted Answer

Hi, I added a new method called AddFile2(pathInFilesystem,pathInTar).

It'll be in v9.5.0.69. The reference documentation is updated here:

If you can tell me the PHP version and operating system, I'll provide a new build if you wish to try.


That's perfect... thanks so much. No rush on the build... would rather work with it once it's properly released, with a version, thanks!

Really appreciate it. P.