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Link Error

Jun 16 '17 at 10:35

I have two main projects. Project #1 links fine in debug and release mode. Project #1 links fine in debug but in release mode the error is LNK2005.

I'm using VS2008 SP1.

I have read the README.html and I have read the Chilkat blog post about Visual C++ linking:

My projects are not Statically Linked.

Compared the Project Properties and they as the same !

What did I do wrong ?


I did some Google searching. The information suggests that it has to do with the MSVC runtime libs getting linked before MFC libs. If linking with ChilkatRel.lib, then these are libs that already statically linked with the MSVC runtime libs. The ChilkatRelDll.lib is what you would definitely want to use for an MFC app. (That's my best guess if your app uses MFC..)