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How to Install an Assembly into the Global Assembly Cache?

Jun 19 '17 at 08:27

How to install a .NET assembly into the GAC?


You can install the .dll file by using the Gacutil tool or by dragging the .dll file to the appropriate folder. If you use the Gacutil tool, you can use a command that resembles the following:

gacutil -I "[DriveLetter]:\[PathWhereDllIsLocated]\ChilkatDotNet[x].dll"

To drag the file, open two instances of Windows Explorer. In one instance, find the location of the .dll file output for your console project. In the other instance, find c:\[SystemRoot]\Assembly. Then, drag your .dll file to the Assembly folder. (Such as C:\Windows\assembly)

Note: The Global Assembly Cache (GAC), when viewed using Explorer, has its view rendered in a special manner by the OS shell - you see all the assemblies, their strong name details, processor architecture and other details.