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How to use Chilkat in ColdFusion?

Oct 16 '12 at 21:26

Is it possible to use Chilkat in ColdFusion?


Good question. The answer is that I suspect it's possible but I don't know the details. I did some research into this topic about a year ago. Apparently it's possible to use Java libs, ActiveX components, and .NET assemblies in ColdFusion, so one would think that it's possible to use Chilkat. The Chilkat ActiveX's are standard self-registering ActiveX components, so any proof-of-concept with any ActiveX should also work with Chilkat. Regarding the Java and .NET: Given that Chilkat is written in C++ and compiles to native code, there are probably considerations regarding the mixed-mode assembly and the Java shared lib (.so or .dll) that would need to be loaded.