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OpenMyEmbedded help

Jun 24 '17 at 08:58


I'm having some difficulties with the Zip library.

My goal is to open and extract a zip file that is an embedded resource.

So from the reference page I do:

public bool OpenMyEmbedded(string resourceName);

But I don't know what to put for resourceName. I have tried the resource name, the file name and a several combinations of the namespace/filename etc.

My zip file is name and it's in a folder named Resources in the Solution Explorer in VS.

bool success = zip.OpenMyEmbedded("?? what do I put here ??");

Every time the error I receive is: Resource not found within my EXE

What am I doing wrong?

I'm using ChilkatDotNet4 for .Net 4.0 32-bit


Accepted Answer

Never mind I think I was mistaken what OpenMyEmbedded was used for. I was able to achieve my goal using OpenFromByteData.