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AWS S3 object name ("folder" + "file")

Jul 08 '17 at 08:18

Hi, I am going to use the Chilkat Http functions for AWS S3 in the Visual FoxPro application and I have an object name issue in the Http.S3_UploadFile function. I would like to create an object including '#' in its name (something like aaa/cc_#bb). I see objects with '#' in their names in our bucket and I can create them manually in the S3browser. But the S3_UploadFile function returns the 403 code for such names. Does this issue have a solution? Thanks!


If not using the latest version of Chilkat (v9.5.0.68), then check to see if updating fixes the problem. If not, please let us know.


Thank you for the quick answer. I use v9.5.0.68