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IMAP BAD FETCH "not allowed now" error?

Oct 17 '12 at 10:35

I get this error when trying to fetch individual emails from an IMAP server:

FetchSingle: DllDate: Aug 7 2012 UnlockPrefix: x Username: x Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: Android Java VerboseLogging: 0 ImapCmdSent: aaac FETCH 4386 RFC822.SIZE getCompleteResponse: ImapCmdResp: aaac BAD FETCH not allowed now. --getCompleteResponse totalSize: 0 totalSize: Elapsed time: 301 millisec fetchSingleEmailObject: FetchSingleComplete: ImapCmdSent: aaad FETCH 4386 (FLAGS INTERNALDATE BODY[]) ImapCmdResp: aaad BAD FETCH not allowed now. --FetchSingleComplete --fetchSingleEmailObject Failed. --FetchSingle --ChilkatLog


If an account or domain has exceeded the quota for IMAP activity, then commands may fail due to reasons such as "BAD FETCH not allowed now". You should wait some amount of time before retrying. Check with the service provider (such as GMAIL?) regarding limits and quotas relating to your IMAP account.