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Chilkat SSH cant connect to ssh

Jul 13 '17 at 10:58



DllDate: May 25 2017
Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
Language: Windows Java
VerboseLogging: 0
login: support
      svcName: ssh-userauth
      SentServiceReq: ssh-userauth
    WindowsError: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
    WindowsErrorCode: 0x2746
    maxToReceive: 16
    Failed to receive data on the TCP socket
    sshRawPacket: Socket fatal error.
    sshReadMessage: Socket fatal error.
    Error reading service accept.
Lost connection to SSH server.

--AuthenticatePw --ChilkatLog


Something external, such as a firewall, anti-virus, or some other security infrastructure could be closing the connection. Otherwise, the SSH server decided to close the connection (perhaps after a long period of inactive time between connecting and trying to authenticate)? If the SSH server itself is closing the connection, then it's very strange because your app's call to Connect must've returned true to indicate success -- meaning the SSH secure connection which includes the exchange of algorithms, setting up keys, etc. worked. If so, the very next step would be to authenticate by calling AuthenticatePw (or AuthenticatePk, etc.). In this case, it must be that the first message to initiate the authentication was sent, and then when trying to read the response from the SSH server, the client (Chilkat) found that the connection was closed. Either something external disrupted the connection, or the server decided for some reason to close the connection. Find out where your SSH server logs are located and check to see if you can find any indication of what happened. (I can't really help in SSH server administrative issues such as w/ finding the logs, because that depends on your SSH server implementation and setup..)


Thank you, There is a way to try to catch that?