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The return email address when using a Hotmail account

Jul 19 '17 at 09:43

Ok, so I have this code:

//  Set the SMTP server.

//  Set the SMTP login/password (if required)

//  Connect to SMTP port 465 using TLS.

But, my account uses email aliases. So, I do this:

//  Create a new email object
CkEmail email;

email.put_Subject("Monthly workbook data");
email.put_Body("Please find attached the latest monthly workbook data.");
email.put_From("Andrew Truckle <ccc>");
success = email.AddTo("PTS Support", "ddd");
//  To add more recipients, call AddTo, AddCC, or AddBcc once per recipient.

The email sends through OK. But when I hit reply, it is going to xxx. It has not honoured the alias ccc I had specified. Why is this?

Accepted Answer

I believe this is handled by Hotmail. It sees you connected via "xxx" but trying to send from "ccc" and it denies relay. Maybe using ReplyTo method could help you on this? Refer the doc.

Update: You should also note that, Aliases is specific features for Hotmail. They are not part of any SMTP Standards. Either login via "ccc" or use "reply_to".

Update 2:

Beware that, Hotmail also allows you to login (SmtpUsername) via aliases. This may also help you on this.