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Bounce type 6

Aug 09 '17 at 11:50


What's give bounce type = 6 in an email ?

Return-Path ?

Please help!


See the online reference documentation for the Chilkat Bounce class.

For example:

public int BounceType {get; }

A number representing the type of bounce that was recognized.
A value of 0 indicates "No Bounce". Other values are:

1. Hard Bounce. The email could not be delivered and BounceAddress contains the failed email address.
2. Soft Bounce. A temporary condition exists causing the email delivery to fail. The BounceAddress property contains the failed email address.
3. General Bounced Mail, cannot determine if it is hard or soft, and the email address is not available.
4. General Bounced Mail, cannot determine if it is hard or soft, but an email address is available.
5. Mail Block. A bounce occured because the sender was blocked.
6. Auto-Reply/Out-of-Office email.
7. Transient message, such as "Delivery Status / No Action Required".
8. Subscribe request.
9. Unsubscribe request.
10. Virus email notification.
11. Suspected Bounce, but no other information is available
12. Challenge/Response - Auto-reply message sent by SPAM software where only verified email addresses are accepted.
13. Address Change Notification Messages.
14. Success DSN indicating that the message was successfully relayed.
15. Abuse/fraud feedback report.


No my question is How Chilkat bounce determinates that an email is an Auto-Reply or Out-Of-Office ?