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smtp Multiple ReplyTo addresses not supported by Chilkat?

Aug 07 '17 at 17:30

rfc2822 implies multiple ReplyTo addresses should be supported. From: "When the "Reply-To:" field is present, it indicates the mailbox(es) to which the author of the message suggests that replies be sent."

But setting the ReplyTo property to multiple addresses (e.g. ",") doesn't seem to work in later versions of Chilkat. The Reply-To header in the eml file gets set only to the first address.

How can we set ReplyTo option to multiple addresses?


~~Try semicolons between email addresses - seems to work here to preserve multiple addresses in the header, though I'm not sure if this is valid and will be considered multiple email address, or just a single address.~~


semi-colon separated ( (e.g. ";") caused Chilkat to chop off everything after the semi-colon and set the eml entry to
**;** Note: the semi-colon remains attached to the first address.

Seems like a bug.