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imap.GetMailAttachFilename returns filename ?=

Sep 03 '17 at 06:23


I recieve bad attachment filenames with the imap.GetMailAttachFilename method in VB6 when the attached filenames contain german Umlaut (äöü etc.)


Dim numAttach As Long, nameAttach As String 
Dim filetype As String, Filename As String 
nameAttach = "" 
numAttach = imap.GetMailNumAttach(email)
If numAttach > 0 Then
    For J = 0 To numAttach - 1
        Filename = imap.GetMailAttachFilename(email, J)

the variable Filename contains ?=DCbungsseite.docx?=

Is this a known problem? How can I solve it?

Best regards, J.S.

Accepted Answer

I found the problem and made the fix. I think this new build should solve it:


I need to first ask if you're using the very latest version of Chilkat.

If so, then it should be an easy thing to find and fix..


Thank you for your answer. I'm using the version


yeah they usually look like: "image/png; name="=?UTF-8?B?Z3LDvG4ucG5n?="" in attachments...


Check the latest version (v9.5.0.68). I just tested it and it worked fine for me.


yeah can confirm that!

using the latest version and using example "download all attachments" from docs

leaves me with correctly shown german special chars in filenames!


I just replaced the old version ( by the newer one ( Did not forget to register the dll. But the problem still remains.


The problem described above is not yet solved. What can I do?