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IMAP Email Reading Truncates From String

Oct 18 '12 at 18:27


For some of the email's "From" string truncated. For Example, "From" written as "Test Sender Name <>"

For some emails only not for all emails, I could not find exact pattern ie for some email having special character " (, & , ) etc" then also I got proper string.

CkString ckSt;
const char *fromdata = ckSt.getString();
fromdata variable has only
I need whole string "Test Sender Name <>".

Please treat it as urgent issue.

By the way I am licensed customer.

Let me know where should I send binary of email if you want to reproduce.

I am using latest library. :)

Thanks Mehul


Examine the .eml file using a text editor. If the email is not available in a .eml, then you may save it by calling the SaveEml method. Examine the "From" header field. Whatever it contains, is what the get_From method should be returning.