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C++ Builder Fatal Error in Linking

Aug 16 '17 at 12:25

we have the problem, under 64 bit in one of your large projects, the 64 bit linker get a „fatal error“.

We don’t get a feedback from Embarcadero.

When we delete chilkatxe4.a from project and comment out the code, using chilkat, it works.

We only use the Zip components and crypt komponents from chilkat lib.

The chilkatxe4.a has a size of 36 MB.

Is it possible, that you compile us a "small" version of chilkatxe4.a? (only with Zip and Crpyt components?

Perhaps it is a linker memory size problem.

We use Tokyo.


I found a possible solution here:
Search the above web page for "Possible workarounds for Linker problems".

Unfortunately, it's not possible to provide a smaller version of the static library. In any case, I don't see how it would make any difference. A static library (.a) is just an archive of individual object (.o) files. You could extract the .o files from the .a and then re-build the .a excluding the .o files that you obviously don't need. Chilkat can't possibly provide infinite combinations of .a libs for different customer usage combinations.

The real solution is for Embarcadero to respond and solve this problem.