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Chilkat Imap .Net and Apple Mail email's with attachments not recognized

Aug 18 '17 at 07:44

I am evaluating Chilkat's .NET Imap component (ChilkatDotNet45.dll) in PowerShell. It works well. But if you receive an email made in Apple's Mail app, the attachments aren't recognized.

I use this to check if there are attachments : $num_att = $email.NumAttachments

The mail part itself is handled okay.

Is this a known problem or is there a trick to make it work ?

Mail with attachments from other program's (Outlook, Thunderbird, Android device etc) work fine and the attachments are recognized.

Regards, Herman.

Accepted Answer

Thanks. I received the email. The email actually does not contain any attachments. It contains related items. Related items are those images and other elements that are part of the HTML body. See the online reference documentation for the methods and properties for related items (which are separate from those methods/properties for true attachments).


A few quick things you might check:

1) Make sure you're not downloading headers-only.

2) Make sure the imap.AutoDownloadAttachments property is set to true.

Assuming you're downloading full emails with attachments, then send a sample email with attachments (from the Apple Mail app) to I'll have a look at the MIME of the email to see how it's structured.


Thanks for the answer.

AutoDownloadAttachments is True. The message is fetched with $imap.FetchSingle($i,$false).

I wil send an email to

Regards, Herman.