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Support for ECDHE cipher in Chilkat

Aug 28 '17 at 09:35

Hi, we are using Chilkat and are trying to use the Imap object (with Ssl = true) to connect to a mail server behind a load balancer configured with the ECDHE cipher. We are getting errors because there are no shared ciphers between the server and the load balancer. Would like to know if ECDHE is supported in that version of the library? Thanks.


Chilkat has supported ECDHE for a long time. Updating to the latest version of Chilkat should solve the problem.

In general, if using Chilkat with protocols such as TLS, SSH, etc., don't let too many years go by without updating. The external world is always moving forward -- implementing new algorithms, features, extensions, disallowing old algorithms, requiring new, etc. Chilkat keeps up with the changes. All software (Chilkat or not) will eventually break if left as-is for many years. Make sure to update at a time when it fits your development schedule. :)