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Windows CE Access to Registry Certificate Stores?

Sep 25 '17 at 09:22

Another CkHttp question for you. I’m using CkHttp on a Windows CE environment (embedded POS terminal). I now need to verify the SSL certificate used on the HTTPS connection between the terminal (client) and the payment server. When I run on certificate verification (put_RequireSslCertVerify(true)), the client cannot verify the certificate because it does not have (or cannot access) the root certificate (it needs a VeriSign CA root). My question is does your CkHttp product access the default Windows CE registry-based CA stores? Or do I have to create a private store and load certificate roots via CkTrustedRoots?


It is not possible (via Chilkat) to access the registry-based CA stores on Windows CE. You would need to create a private store and load via CkTrustedRoots.