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Error Deploying Chilkat .NET Core to Windows Mobile ARM

Sep 27 '17 at 09:05

I have a UWP project

VS2017 Enterprise

If I deploy to Windows 10 Pro – x86 – Works perfectly

I get an error when the same project is deployed to:
Windows 10 Mobile ARM (Insider Preview – Fast Ring – Ver1709 – OS build 10.0.15252.

The error is:
Unable to load DLL 'chilkatDnCore-9_5_0': The specified module could not be found.
(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)


Given that you have a UWP project, I don't know if you should be using the Chilkat assembly for .NET Core, or the Chilkat Runtime Component for the Universal Windows Platform.

It's possible that you're using the .NET Core class library, but really need to use the Runtime Component for UWP.

Both are reference from NuGet.

The Chilkat .NET Core library is at
it references the Chilkat Native Lib at
The ChilkatNativeLib (right now) contains implementations for the following:

  1. Linux-x64
  2. Osx-x64
  3. win7-x64
  4. win7-x86

I'd have to see if a Windows ARM build for ChilkatNativeLib is possible. In fact, I'll have to check to see what other builds are possible because it hasn't been reviewed for a long time. It probably wasn't possible when Chilkat first released the .NET Core library.

The Chilkat Runtime Component for UWP is at
It is a Windows-only component, but has builds for ARM, x86, and x64. This is why I'm wondering if in fact you should be using the UWP runtime component..


The answer is that changing to the Chilkat Runtime Component for UWP solved the problem -- although I'll have to keep tabs on when it becomes possible to build .NET Core for Windows ARM or anything else.. :)

Yes - That was it - Changed the NuGet package to Chillat.uwp and works on the PC, Phone and HoloLens.