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sftp supports TLS 1.2?

Sep 27 '17 at 11:30

Does SFTP support TLS 1.2? I am using Chilkat_9_5_0.SFtp in Powerbuilder.


SFTP is the Secure File Transfer over SSH.

FTPS is the FTP protocol using TLS for the secure communications channel.

The SSH protocol creates a secure communications channel for a TCP connection.
Likewise, SSL and TLS are also protocols for creating a secure communications channel for a TCP connection.

If you want a secure communications channel, TLS and SSH are both choices.

Given that understanding, I hope one can see that it makes no sense to ask "Does SSH support TLS 1.2?"

PS> Tunneling is a separate question. Given that both SSH and TLS provide secure communications channels to send and receive a byte stream, that byte stream could potentially be anything -- even a protocol such as TLS or SSH. Thus with Chilkat it's even possible to tunnel TLS within SSH, or even SSH within SSH (which is what happens for multi-hop SSH).