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Read receipts to persons with strange letters in their names

Sep 28 '17 at 04:28

When using some national european letters when asking for read receipts, the receipt inquiry is shown by the receiver, but with the strange letters replaced with a no of other characters. If the receiver press Yes to sign the receipt, it looks like the receipt is returned, but the sender doesn't get any message. Outlook is used on both sides.

the receipt inquire was programmed with this statement (Dataflex 17.1): Send ComAddHeaderField of hoEmail "Disposition-Notification-To" "Henrik Strömblad"

However, if the european letter in the name is replaced with a normal ascii character, it works, so this works: Send ComAddHeaderField of hoEmail "Disposition-Notification-To" "Henrik Stromblad"

European characters can be used in other variables when sending E-mail. For example, this works:

Set ComFrom of hoEmail to "Henrik Strömblad"

It is of course possible to replace these special characters with normal ascii characters in the names, but there are plenty of such characters used in Europe. Are there better ways to solve this? Is this a bug in Chilcat that can be fixed?