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Chilkat vs Linux ARM32

Sep 29 '17 at 10:01

Im trying to build my xojo app in linux ARM32 (for raspberry pi 3”) with the chilkat plugin but still get the error message

Plugin “Chilkat.dll:0” is not supported for linux.

How to build whitout error message.

Accepted Answer

On Linux, it should not be a DLL that is loaded, but a .so

If you download the Chilkat Xojo Plugin from
and then unzip, you should see the following directory structure, where the
is in the "Linux ARM" subdirectory as shown here:

alt text


Also, I double-checked and the folder name (Linux ARM) looks to be correct. See:

alt text


Assuming you put the chilkat.xojo_plugin in the Plugins directory, all should be OK.


Thank you! My first folder was not named properly