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Dropbox upload/download file Asynchronous Support

Oct 03 '17 at 10:08

I am uploading file asynchronously to dropbox

But seems like Dropbox dont have aync support

Does chilkat Dropbox (using rest or http API for ) upload/download supports Aync opeartions ?


Chilkat has an Http class, and a Rest class. Both are API's that can be applied to and used for ANY online REST API, including DropBox. The Async functionality and everything else are features of the Http and Rest classes.

Therefore, it makes no sense to ask if "Does Chilkat Dropbox support Async operations?" There is no "Chilkat Dropbox". There is Chilkat Http, and Chilkat Rest, and both can be used for Dropbox, and both support Async in exactly the same way as any other Chilkat class that involves Internet communications supports Async. The Async features are identical and common to all Chilkat classes that might involve network communications: Mailman, Ftp2, Ssh, SFtp, Socket, etc.