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Private Key LoadPKCSFILE method failed

Jan 03 '18 at 18:09

Dear Anyone,

I have an Apple issued PKCS8 file that loads ok in JWK Factory PHP, but failed to load inside private key loadpkcs8ile method, the log as follows, will appreciate any kind assistance.

ChilkatLog: LoadPkcs8File: DllDate: May 8 2015 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: NONE Username: LAPTOP-DHOPDL2P:User Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: ActiveX VerboseLogging: 0 pkcs8Path: pocket2.p8 loadPrivateKey: pemToUnshroudedKey: pkcs8DerToUnshroudedKey: PKCS8 is not encrypted. --pkcs8DerToUnshroudedKey validateUnshroudedKey: RsaDerToKey: Invalid ASN.1 for RSA Private Key (2) --RsaDerToKey --validateUnshroudedKey --pemToUnshroudedKey pkcs8DerToUnshroudedKey: DecodeToAsn: premature end of BER encoding (F2) length: 45 numBytesLeft: 43 --DecodeToAsn Invalid ASN.1 for PKCS8 tag: 0xd --pkcs8DerToUnshroudedKey Not enough bytes for PVK salt --loadPrivateKey Failed. --LoadPkcs8File --ChilkatLog

Thanks Ahead Kunhock


Dear All,

sorry , I should have tried out the latest version first, the problem is solved after I downloaded the latest version.