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Oct 30 '12 at 08:42

I am trying to save related items (not attachments) in order to load images into the email I am retrieving from my POP3 account.

I am able to save the related items, but I have no control over the name of the item(s) being saved. When I save actual attachments, I have the ability to set the attached file's name by using the "SetAttachmentFilename". However, I do not see how to set the related items file name.

I am able to define a new folder name and save it inside that folder, but I really need to save these related items in a single directory and I need to change the name of each related item so I do not end up with duplicate names.

Am I missing a method within the Chilkat.Email set of instructions?

Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

Here are new builds w/ the new SetRelatedFilename method:




I'll add a email.SetRelatedFilename method. What build would you need (programming language, framework, operating system, etc..)?


I appreciate it. I think this is what you are asking for: .net 2 (and above) windows server 2008 - production box - 64bit windows 7 - development box 64bit

the aplication where mailman is being used is running in 32bit mode

Chilkat.MailMan name = chilkatDotNet2 description = chilkat .net components identity = chilkatDotNet2 runtime version = v2.0.50727 version =