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Untar - re-parsing expire date...

Nov 01 '12 at 12:52

I have a problem with Untar. I'm trying to use/set the property tar.UntarFromDir = "/Users/chilkat/temp/untarDir" and I get the error message:

    DllDate: Aug  5 2012
    unlockCode: XXXXXTarArch_XXXXXXXXX
      LibDate: Aug  5 2012
      requiresPerm: 0
      re-parsing expire date...
      Component successfully unlocked using permanent unlock code.

Note that:

 1. I use a permanent unlock code. 
 2. Compress to TAR working fine.
 3. The support page ( doesn't help me, so please don't send me there.

Thank You, Ronen.


1) Please put LastErrorText's within <pre> and </pre> tags.

2) You've provided the LastErrorText for the UnlockComponent method, not the Untar method. See this:

The Basic Concept of LastErrorText


You are right, sorry for the confusion. Please ignore/delete this thread.