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Visual FoxPro v7.8 DLL thinks I'm sending SPAM?

Nov 05 '12 at 12:45

I have an application that runs on an inbound ACD sends statistics to 5 people on all inbound calls, one email per inbound number dialed (DNIS / DID)...on some days - there are 30+ numbers that have been dialed...and on those days, occasionally, I don't get all of the emails...I finally found out that it was failing with a Chilkat error message stating that I'm not allowed to use their software to send SPAM...which I can assure you I am NOT.

In the documentation - it lists an example of sending 350 emails - with the option to send that many - I doubt that the count is the issue - it's probably the rapidity of the messages themselves...I am sure that I can put in some sort of a delay to correct this issue - but - rather than guess at what that delay might need to be - has anyone else come across this issue?

Again - I'm running v7.8 with a Visual FoxPro 9 program... Thanks...