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Automatically manage pool of connections with HTTP servers?

Nov 06 '12 at 09:14

This is one of the HTTP library feature listed on Chilkat website - "Automatically manages a pool of connections with HTTP servers." Can you point me to the URL or explain that elaborates this feature? I want to know all the inside/outside of it.


The Chilkat.Http object will automatically keep a connection open after an HTTP request, if possible. If the HTTP response from the server includes a "Connection: close" header, then the connection is closed (because the server is requesting it, and the server will disconnect anyway).

When sending a subsequent HTTP request on the same HTTP object instance, if the connection is already in existence, it is used. Otherwise, a new connection is established. The application using the Chilkat HTTP object does not explicitly create a connection in a separate call. Any method that sends a request will implicitly establish the connection if needed.

If the already-established connection is non-SSL/TLS, but the subsequent connection requires SSL/TLS, then the existing connection is closed and a new secure connection is established.

The HTTP client (your application) can explicitly close all connections by calling the CloseAllConnections method.

To send multiple simultaneous requests to the save web server, an application would need one HTTP object instance per request. It's not possible to send multiple simultaneous requests using the same object instance.

The Chilkat HTTP object will maintain a maximum of 10 open connections. If this is exceeded, then the least recently used connection is closed to make room for the next connection.