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ChilKat HTTP is linked statically... do i need ot include other DLLs though?

Nov 09 '12 at 12:08

As far as I can tell ChilKat HTTP is linked statically. But do i need ot include other DLLs in my installation though?

Or will all standard Windows versions from XP to WIN7 64 bit already have them?


I assume you're asking about the HTTP ActiveX. The Chilkat ActiveX DLL's do not have external references, and no other DLL's are required.

There's one exception: If you are using objects contained in another Chilkat ActiveX DLL, then that the other Chilkat ActiveX DLL would be required. For example, if your app uses the ChilkatCert object, then you would need the ChilkatCert.dll.

See this Chilkat blog post for a mapping of objects to DLL's: