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How to Install SFTP into Delphi XE2?

Nov 09 '12 at 11:13

Any link or steps to install SFTP product into Delphi XE2?


There are two ways in which to use the Chilkat API's in Delphi:

1) You may use an ActiveX DLL.
The reference documentation is located here:
Examples are located here:

2) You may use the functional DLL (i.e. not an ActiveX, but a functional API with exported DLL functions).
The reference documentation is located here:
Examples are located here:

The term "functional DLL" doesn't mean that other DLL's are non-functional, or dis-functional. ;)
What it means is that it's a function-based API (not object-oriented) similar to how the "C" language API works. Chilkat by nature is object oriented. Using Chilkat in "C", or in a non object oriented fashion, works like this:

(in pseudo-code)
handle = create_new_object_function();
returnVal = function_call_on_object(handle, arg1, arg2, ...);

To finally answer the question:

If using the functional DLL, there is no real "install". You list the interfaces to be used in the "uses" section of your program, and you add the Chilkat provided ".pas" source file to your project. See

If using the ActiveX, then you import the ActiveX into Delphi just like you would for any other ActiveX. In the Delphi XE2 menu, select "Component" --> "Import Component". Then choose "Import ActiveX Control". The next dialog box shows the list of registered ActiveX components on the system. Choose the one to be imported. (The Chilkat ones all begin with the name "Chilkat") On the next dialog select the defaults so that Delphi generates the component wrappers. On the next dialog keep the default and click "Finish".