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Possible to Select a Specific IP Address?

Nov 12 '12 at 11:01

Also, can you say whether or not your component can alias a different IP address from the sFTP client?

The vendor I have to login to utilizes IP filtering that they’ve setup for 1 external IP. I have another I’d like to login from and was wondering if your control can mimic the IP that has been authorized?


All Chilkat classes/objects that involve TCP socket communications will have a string property named ClientIpAddress that allows a specific IP address to be selected. Here's the information from the reference documentation:

The ClientIpAddress is the IP address to use for computers with multiple network interfaces or IP addresses. For computers with a single network interface (i.e. most computers), this property should not be set. For multihoming computers, the default IP address is automatically used if this property is not set.

The IP address is a string such as in dotted notation using numbers, not domain names, such as "".