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SynchronousRequest POST delay for empty response body content

Nov 14 '12 at 10:58

In a current C++ project I am uploading requests to a web server using CkHttp::SynchronousRequest method. While debugging delays in my upload method, I noticed that SynchronousRequest expects a body content in the response. This was while using POST.

The problem was that I sent a 204 (No content) from the web server, since there was nothing to send back, except from an acknowledgement of properly received POST.

The moment I switched to returning a 200 OK response, SynchronousRequest no longer had any delay.

Since I have already decided upon a workaround, I am not really looking for an answer, but I would like to debate this behavior.

Is it simply my understanding of the HTTP protocol that has gaps in it, and that POSTs should always expect a content response of some sort, or it SynchronousRequest that should be modified to check the response status code immediately and not wait for the response content?


I'd like to try to provide a fix. What operating system do you use? If Windows, what version of VC++?