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regsvr32: LoadLibrary Failed: GetLastError returns 0x000000c1

Nov 14 '12 at 09:06

I am trying to register the 64-bit Chilkat ActiveX DLL on a 64-bit Windows computer, but get this error message:

LoadLibrary("C:\temp\HTTP\ChilkatHttp_x64.dll") failed.
GetLastError returns 0x000000c1.

My .bat for registering the DLL contains this:

regsvr32 C:\tempHTTP\ChilkatHttp_x64.dll


If the PATH environment variable is such that the 32-bit regsvr32 is chosen over the 64-bit regsvr32, then the .bat (above) will be trying to register the 64-bit ActiveX into the 32-bit registry, and it will fail. (The LoadLibrary failure is because the 32-bit regsvr32 cannot load a 64-bit DLL into its address space.)

The solution is to fully specify the path to regsvr32, to make sure it is the 64-bit regsvr32 that is used:

c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 C:\tempHTTP\ChilkatHttp_x64.dll