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How to make an appointment in exchange for another user

Jun 07 '12 at 11:22

Hello Matt, Is there a way to place an appointment in an Exchange database for another user? And how can i read appointments from Exchange

We use Chilkat email2 to send mail and Chilkat Imap to store the mail in the Exchange database. That works fine !

Regards Rens Post


I don't specifically know the answer to this question.

I did a Google search for "IMAP exchange appointments", and found this:

IMAP does expose appointment in a iCal format. It puts it in a MIME multipart alternative format; one part being plain text, other being text/calendar.

If you can select a "mailbox" (i.e. the folder that contains the appointments) and download "emails" (i.e. appointments) such that the email's MIME contains the text/calendar part, then you should be able to access the appointments. In other words, when using the IMAP protocol, everything is an email. My hope is that the Exchange appointments are essentially multipart/alternative "emails" with the appointment data contained in a text/calendar part.

You could then use Chilkat Email object's GetAlternativeBodyByContentType method to access the raw data of the appointment. Your app would need to parse the appointment data itself.

Also, see the online reference docs for the Chilkat.Email.AddiCalendarAlternativeBody method, which provides a way to add an appointment to an email. It shows the raw data of a sample appointment. Again, Chilkat does not create the appointment or parse it, your application would need to do it.