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disconnect from SSH session and cancel file download

Nov 21 '12 at 12:10

Maybe I don't fully understand how to use the SSH session for the sftp chilkat component. When I call downloadFileByName with my application, then later on call disconnect when clicking a button from my UI, the file download always finishes before finishing the call to disconnect.

How does one cancel a download that is in progress in a SSH session?

EDIT I'm using ChilkatDotNet4 v9.2.1.0


For anyone that was/is confused by the documentation's lack of specific connection between documentation line items, you can set the HeartbeatMs to something other than zero to have the sftp_OnAbortCheck fire at the value assigned.

The reference to HeartbeatMs is not stated in the documentation for DownloadFileByName or any of the other sftp operations. It may be a good idea to explicitly reference the HeartbeatMs property and sftp_OnAbortCheck event.