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Remove mail from label Inbox after Copy

Nov 22 '12 at 21:19

Is there any way to Remove the label for the Inbox mailbox after using the copy function, so the message stops appearing in the inbox?


I don't understand this question. Is this for IMAP or POP3? What do you mean by "label"? Also, what do you mean by "appearing in Inbox"? Is this related to GMail?


Yep, related to Gmail, for IMAP, after using the copy fonction to copy the message in a new mailbox, it seems there's only 1 copy of the message on the server, but linked to both mailbox, so if I do do delete the copy in "Inbox", the message is also deleted from the new mailbox, seems gmail recognize it's the same message and simply applies a new label on it so if appears in the new mailbox


Still interested to find out the answer, but no rush, I found another way around. I fetch the email, then I save it locally in a temp folder, I delete the message on the Imap server then reload the saved message and upload a new copy in the corresponding folder


I would recommend reading these Chilkat blog posts regarding GMail -- they might help explain what you are seeing: