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SFTP C# Library for WinRT

Jun 30 '14 at 11:55

We already use chilkat sftp for existing applications.

Do you have a C# library that we could use for WinRT?

After doing some research on the internet, it seems like a different option would be to use the C++ library to create a .dll that could be referenced in a C# WinRT app. Do you have any information on converting your c++ libraries to a .dll?

Accepted Answer

Not yet, but Chilkat will be addressing WinRT in due time. Without going into detail, work is underway that should make it easy to provide a WinRT library. (It will also make it possible support Mono cross-platform.)


Not yet, but progress towards beginning that task is being made...


I'm also interested in using chilkat library in a WinRT project. Do you have any news about it?


@chilkat are there any news about FTP library for WinRT?