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Not Loading ChilkatDotNet2

Jun 28 '12 at 00:55

The error message "Could not load file or assembly ‘ChilkatDotNet2 … An Attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format." has beeen attributed to mismatches between 64/32 bit OSs & the downloaded file.

I don't think that's my problem.

Running Win7 64-bit. Using Visual Studio 2008. Downloaded Chilkat .net components for 64-bit & 3.5 Framework. (ChilkaDotNet2.dll) In a large project, one phase is to FTP files up to a web site.

I wrote a simple project (within Visual Studio 2008) using Chilkat example for FTP uploads, added the downloaded ChilkaDotNet2.dll as reference & all worked fine.

Then applied the same in my large project & now I get that infamous error!

What conditions can cause this error in my situation?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Peter Kroeger


See this: