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getting data retreived by HTTP ( with BgTaskRunning=1 ) so far, before finishing the request

Dec 04 '12 at 09:33

i'm using the HTTP activeX componenent to do a PostUrlEncoded with UseBgThread=1 i want to use the data that i'm getting while waiting for the next data ( it's tweeter stream, so virtually infinite ) i tried ( in VB6 )

Do While (http.BgTaskRunning = 1)
    '  Show the events in the event log that have accumulated so far...
    Dim n As Long
    n = http.EventLogCount
    If (n > 0) Then
        Dim j As Long
        For j = 0 To n - 1
            Debug.Print http.EventLogName(j) & ": " & http.EventLogValue(j) & vbCrLf
       Dim response As New ChilkatHttpResponse
        Set response = http.BgResponseObject()
        Debug.Print "BgResultString >> " & response.bodyStr
    End If

( i also triend several variation on this like using a GET and getting the response as a String ) it does not work, and i have to restart visual studio if i use a breakpoint

Accepted Answer

Unfortunately, the Chilkat HTTP API was not designed with this in mind. We've investigated adding this capability, but it's not a quick-and-easy feature to add. Something like this may be added in a future release, but not in the short term.