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java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.chilkatsoft.chilkatJNI.new_CkRsa()

Dec 04 '12 at 08:38

Today i got an error as the following: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.chilkatsoft.chilkatJNI.new_CkRsa() J com.chilkatsoft.chilkatJNI.new_CkRsa(Native Method) com.chilkatsoft.CkRsa.<ini>(

and then i tried to use CkCrypt2 class, i also got a similar error. but when i used eclipse to debug or run, it is working fine.

i have followed "Chilkat for Java Windows Install Instructions" to configure the environment. when i want to generate a jar package for SmartFoxServer extension, i got the error.

i am working on Win7 64bits, jdk 1.6, and chilkat-9.3.2-jdk6-x64.

any ideas for that? thanks.


See these Chilkat web pages:

Linux: How to Load a Java Native/Shared Library (.so)
Windows: How to Load a Java Native/Dynamic Library (DLL)
MAC OS X: How to Load a Java Native/Shared Library (.jnilib)