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"Value too large for defined data type" when unzipping a large file (over 4GB)

Dec 04 '12 at 14:55

the problem is as follow: The zip file was created , with Chilkat software on windows .NET, using c#. The file size is 6 GB (both compressed and before compressing). When trying to open the zip file on a Linux UBUNTU machine, with the c++ language, I keep on getting the above error. can anyone help?

The full lastErrorText:
    DllDate: Apr 20 2012
    UnlockPrefix: GABRIEZIP
    Username: stb2:stb1
        : Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: Linux C/C++
    zipPath: /home/stb1/workspace/LinksFiles/
    oemCodePage: 65001
    errno: 75
    osErrorMessage: Value too large for defined data type
    Failed to open file.
    mode: r
    path: /home/stb1/workspace/LinksFiles/
    Failed to open Zip file.


Thanks! I'll provide a new build that should fix this problem. The download URL will be posted here when it's ready.


Please try this new build:


Thank you! that seems to fix it. Gabriel